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It's Wednesday, sorry. I was too exhausted on Monday and plain forgot.

But that was because of a big effort on a very productive Sunday.

It was very productive thanks to a very basic idea (that I often forget and wanted to remind myself of) - that you do 'Big Activity X' and use that as a 'rock' to get multiple things done/achieved/outputted and it serves multiple purposes

So in return for doing 'Big Activity X' (let's say a video shoot, which is what I was doing on Sunday) you get not only 'Big Main Obvious Output X' but ALSO (with a little planning and tweaking) 'Medium Sized Output Y' and ALSO 4x 'Small Output Z'.

So, in this instance I got 6 videos, to be used at different times for different purposes, all made from the same big activity (which was happening anyway) which had been structured and tweaked slightly in advance in order to facilitate the 'additional' uses.

I heavily suspect some of you do this instinctively anyway (e.g 'get all your shopping in one go by saving it up on a list', or 'combining a foreign holiday to see a big stadium gig and visit a friend at the same time').

I guess what I'm describing is, on a simple level, the satisfaction of (through foresight and planning) avoiding any situation whereby you catch yourself thinking "God, this activity actually took alot of effort to pull off, and it's only NOW that I am here doing it that I realise that if I'd thought about it in advance I could have also done 'cool things Y and Z' too with almost no additional effort".

And taking that thought one step further - it would be to consciously build a life around these 'Big Activity X's' - Big rocks in your schedule that you know will kill many birds with one stone (but to continue the tortuous analogy, you have carefully chose the birds you want to kill in advance of selecting your precise rock).

Wow, that was tortuous, but I've read it back several times and it make sense to me.

Anyway, again, not something I'm particularly good at (which is why Sunday was so satisfying) - but something I've glimpsed the utility of and been excited by this week. So here I am writing and sharing.

Until next week.

Stu (Lux Lisbon)

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